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Applying to Juggle & creating a profile

To begin your Juggle application process, head to and start filling in your details. 

You’ll need to either upload a CV or provide us with a link to your LinkedIn profile (or both, if you choose).

Why do I need to do this? Won’t I be creating a Juggle profile instead of a CV?

Great question. The main answer is that we don’t accept every candidate to the Juggle platform. Your CV or LinkedIn profile will be used by our Talent Specialists - alongside your Juggle profile - to help decide whether we’re the right service for you. If we don’t think we can help you find roles we’ll let you know via email; we think it’s important that we don’t make any false promises or waste anyone’s time.

OK, I’ve given you my CV or LinkedIn and I’m logged in. What next?

Once you’re logged in to the platform you’ll be given a checklist of tasks to get you going. Let’s start on your professional profile.

Your professional profile

First we’ll ask you which business area you work in. Your three options are Sales & Marketing, Talent & HR and Accounts & Operations (these are the three sectors that we currently specialise in).

Wait, my job isn’t really in one of those sectors. What do I do?

OK, if you can’t see your business area click the link we’ve highlighted in the screenshot. You’ll be taken through to a new screen where you can enter your job title (either your current “official” one or how you perceive what you do). We’ll then bump you a few steps ahead in the profile process to talk about words that describe you and your core skills (see below).

A word of warning. We have sectors we specialise in and for now, that’s where our focus lies. If you can’t find anything in the “Core Skills” section that really fits what you do it’s possible that we just don’t have roles to offer in your sector (yet). We’ll evaluate this independently and let you know via email if we think we don’t have any roles that suit you.

We’re always growing, however, so we may be able to find you something in future. We’ll give you the option to opt-in for email updates - we’ll let you know that way when we move into a new sector.

I DO work in one of those sectors. What next? 

Select the one that’s right for you. We’ll give you a series of options about your current job title. Please pick the one that most closely matches (if you can’t see a good match there, click the link at the bottom to enter your specific title).

Next, we’ll ask you to select five adjectives that describe you from a list we’ve created. This bit is more important that it might seem - we really use these to tailor your job matches - so think hard before you choose (and be honest).

Once that’s done we’ll ask you to choose three core skills. These are the three skills that best describe what you do from your career so far. Again, think hard and be honest.

OK, I’ve described my attributes and skills. Now what?

On the next screen you can select whether you prefer to be paid per-day or per-year (this will probably depend on your preferred working style and the type of contract you’re after). Once you’ve selected one, use the slider to choose your range of desired compensation. You can edit this later if you wish.

Once you’ve selected your compensation we’ll ask you about business types you’ve worked for. Select any that you have at least three years’ experience with.

You’ll be presented with the following screen. This is where you’ll build out your career history. We ask for at least the last five years - you can go into more detail if you’d like. Add your job titles, the name of the company you worked for, and your start and end date. Hit the “Add experience” button to add this job to your career history (you’ll need to do this at least once to continue, even if you’ve been in the same job for the last five or more years).

Wait, this doesn’t seem like a lot of info… what about what I actually did at those jobs?

Another good question, but don’t worry - out Talent Specialists will talk to you about this later. We think doing it this way is much more accurate and useful (and less time consuming for you) than recreating your CV at length.

All done? Then on to the next section.

Your work preferences 

This bit is really important to us. We’re trying to create a better, more flexible working environment for everyone, and we’re committed to helping our business partners create and maintain a positive and flexible culture. All our roles have the opportunity for flexible working as standard - we vet the company culture in advance, and we’ll stay in touch after you’ve been placed in a role to check that companies are meeting their flexible responsibilities for you. 

The first question we’ll ask is what style of flexible work you want: chose part-time, portfolio work or full-time with flexible.

We’ll ask you whether you’re looking for permanent on contract roles, how many days a week you want to work, and whether you’d prefer to work remotely, on-site or a mix of both.

We’ll also ask a quick question about what motivated you to seek flexible work. If you don’t like any of the answers we’ve suggested, you can click the link at the bottom to input your own.

OK, that’s it - your Juggle profile is complete!

Great, what happens now?

As soon as your profile is done one of our Talent Specialists will start evaluating it. You’ll hear from us within 48 hours (it normally takes less than that, unless you created your profile over the weekend). Once your profile has been approved we’ll start looking for opportunities for you immediately. 

If our Talent Specialists decide that you aren’t quite the right fit for Juggle they will email you to let you know. Again, we don’t want to waste your time. 

In the meantime, please verify your email address (an email should be in your inbox by now - if it’s not you can resend it from your home checklist). This is an important security step so we recommend you do it ASAP.

Now is also a good time to update your contact details and, once that’s done, head to Settings at the bottom of the left navigation panel and update your notification settings. We’ll contact you via email to keep you updated about opportunities but we can also send reminders via SMS, which most of our users find really helpful.

Using the Juggle platform

First, here’s how the Juggle process works (you can read a more detailed explanation by visiting Our Process from the main navigation panel of the Juggle platform).

We search for matches behind-the-scenes

Our team is constantly screening all professional profiles against open opportunities. We search initially on skills, experience and flex requirements from your Juggle profile.

We email you a potential opportunity

When we identify a possible match with one of our live jobs, we will send you an email straight away.

You review the basic details of the role online

At this stage you can see a quick overview of the role with the core skills and responsibilities required, as well as the salary/day-rate and the flexible setup. 

We have a video chat to see if there's a match

If you are interested in the role, we schedule a video call to tell you more about the company, the position and the interview process. This call is around 15 minutes long and lets both of us evaluate whether this might be a perfect fit. 

We send the business your profile

If we both agree to move forward with the role, we will send the business your profile on a shortlist of 3 - 5 candidates. This profile includes any information you have provided on the platform including your CV and your flex requirements, but does not include personal details or any other sensitive information.

You are invited to interview

If the business likes your profile they will invite you to interview via the Juggle system.

We give you feedback and guidance along the way

We’ll check in with you throughout the interview process, will help you to prepare for interviews or tests and will chase the business for their feedback at each stage. 

We help you negotiate

If both you and the business agree there is a good fit and the potential for you to thrive in the role, then it's time to confirm the contract. You tell us what is important to you and we will help you confirm the details of your flexible working arrangement.

You review and sign your new contract

We stay in touch each month

You will hear from a Flex Liaison once you start your new job to make sure that you're fitting in well in your new placement, especially when it comes to any needs that you have with making flexible working work for you. We want to ensure happy and successful pairings that further our mission of normalising flexible working patterns.

We are always here for your next move

You can always come back to the platform and let us know that you're in the market. 


Navigate the Juggle platform using the purple navigation panel on the left side of your screen. 


When you’re longlisted for a role you’ll get an email from us, and see this notification on the home screen:

The Opportunities page displays all the jobs you are currently matched with. It’ll let you know the Job Title and when you received the match, and how far along you currently are in the process. If you’re on the longlist for a role you may sometimes see a generic company name - you’ll get the real name once you’ve discussed the role in full with one of our Talent Specialists.


Click the opportunity to check the details of the role. Not for you? Click “No thanks” and that’s done and dusted. Like what you’re seeing? Click “Interested” and you’ll be taken to a calendar where you can select slots for a screener interview with a Talent Specialist. Please pick at least four slots - the more times you can manage, the faster the video-call will likely take place. The call should only take about 15 minutes.

If both you and the Talent Specialist think that you’re right for the role we’ll add you to the shortlist of candidates we send to the business - we’ll email/text you to let you know this has happened and you’ll be able to check your status on the Opportunities page.


Once we’ve sent the shortlist you and the business can start communicating directly if you wish. From the job page click the “Message X” button on the right side of the screen to open the chat window. 

You can manage and continue conversations you’re having with businesses using the Messages page, accessible from the main navigation panel.

Messages are great for following up, quickly sharing documents and double checking times and locations. We’d advise some caution in how you communicate with businesses, however, especially pre-interview. For more advice on the best way to talk to a business, check out our messaging guide.


If the business decides they would like to meet you (congrats!) you’ll get a notification on your home screen and again, we’ll also let you know via email or text. Click the green button to start arranging your interview. You can also do this from the information screen for this job.

The business will already have suggested some times to meet, so it’s just a matter of choosing the one that suits you best. If you can’t make any then click the “Can’t make any of these times?” link - you’ll be given a chance to let the business know why they don’t work (this is super-helpful for rescheduling).

Once you’ve worked out a slot we’ll send you confirmation, and a reminder when it’s almost time for the interview. You can check the interview details - and download our interview guide - from the Interviews page. Get there from the main navigation panel. 

Good luck with your interview!

What happens next?

Once the interview is over we’ll be in touch to get your feedback - we’ll also ask the business for theirs. If a business elects not to move forward with your application we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

Beyond that things get a bit more bespoke as we help you negotiate the next steps and (hopefully) your new flexible contract, so we’ll close this How to Guide here. Don’t worry: we’ve got your back every step of the way.

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