I can’t see listings anywhere; how can I browse jobs to apply for on Juggle? 

We don't have a 'browse jobs' function on the Juggle platform. We match you directly as and when relevant opportunities come in based on your profile input. In order to optimise your chance of being matched, please make sure your profile is fully complete and latest CV uploaded to the Juggle platform.

How do I talk to a member of the Juggle team?

The fastest and simplest way is to use our Intercom live chat service. Wherever you are on the Juggle platform, then click "Help" in the top navigation bar

Click this to open live chat with a member of the team. During office hours we normally respond in less than five minutes. 

Something has changed with my employment status, I’ve got new experience or I just don’t like my profile much. Can I change it?

Yes! You can edit every bit of your profile whenever you like (be aware that this may change the sort of jobs we match you with). Head to User menu at the top right then click “Your profile” and edit away. 

You’ve sent me an opportunity but it’s not really for me. How do I turn it down?

When we first longlist you for an opportunity you can click “Not interested” on the specific role page to instantly decline. 

Ah, I’m running late for an interview! Sorrysorrysorry how do I let the business know?

OK, take a deep breath. This is what our messaging function is for. Head to Opportunities on the Juggle platform, select the role you’re interviewing for and then click Message to send a message to business from there (you can also do this from Inbox if you’ve already begun a conversation with the business). Or if you have to reschedule, you can do it from there as well.

I keep getting logged out while I’m doing other things and it’s annoying. What can I do?

We’ll log you out automatically after a period of inactivity to keep your profile and details safe. When we log you out we’ll give you the opportunity to stay logged in for an extended period. We don’t recommend you do this on shared computers.

I love/hate text messages and I want them/never want them. How do I sort this out?

You can edit your notifications via the User menu page. Click “Your profile”, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and chose the ones that are right for you. We can notify you by phone, email, text or a combination of these. You can also switch off notifications entirely for six months, but we really don’t recommend this: our opportunities come around and are closed quite quickly so keeping you informed is crucial.     

How do I delete my profile?

Head to User menu. Then click Account settings. Scroll down to “Delete your account.” 

If you delete your account we will scrub all of your data from our service, and we can’t undo that. We recommend that you leave your account open so that existing notes about successful and unsuccessful matches are stored for any future job listings. If you’ve found work or just aren’t looking right now you can switch off notifications or contact one of our Talent Specialists and have them put your account on hold.

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