Use Juggle Messages to communicate instantly with businesses. You can start messaging a business once you’ve accepted a place on their shortlist for a role.

We’ve created this brief guide based on the behaviour we’ve seen from users of the Messaging function. It’s designed to help you achieve the best outcomes for everyone.

We can email you whenever you receive a message (you can respond using your email, without logging into Juggle) - manage this using your notification preferences.  

Basic tips for using Juggle Messages: 

Stay in touch: hiring can move fast. Luckily communicating using Messages is immediate and easy, so check your Juggle profile regularly OR make sure you’re set to receive notifications from us (we’ll email you when you get a new message, and you can continue the conversation from your email platform if you want).  

Give and receive: in the early stages brief messages are fine, but the further you are through the hiring process the more information you’ll probably be requesting via Messages, and the more information you’ll need to provide in return.  

Double check: Messages is great for fine-tuning interview details or double-checking times. If you aren’t sure about something, ask!

Remember the human: it’s easy to be misread online, and this can hurt your relationship with a business entirely by accident. If you’re starting a conversation - or returning to one after a break - please say hello (you’d be surprised how many people neglect this step). Be courteous and stick to full sentences wherever possible. Ask yourself: how would I feel if I received this message? 

Things to use Juggle Messages for:

  • Fine-tuning interview plans/scheduling

  • Quickly sharing documents (you can attach files to your message)

  • Letting a business know that you might be late or that you need to cancel an interview

  • Apologising for a cancelled interview (rescheduling is done via the Juggle platform)

  • Asking for extra information/following-up

  • CV stage: if you’re contacting a business at this stage, our advice is: message to impress. Ideally you want to be demonstrating why you’re such a great candidate from the get-go, so ask intelligent questions and show that you know your stuff (and have researched their business).       

  • Post-interview: it’s good practice to follow up on an interview, even if you don’t need any more information. Just say you enjoyed it and that you look forward to hearing from them. If the business didn’t make the next part of the hiring process crystal clear, now is the time to ask.

  • Repeat interviews/when a business is interested: use Messages to make sure you’ve got absolutely all the information you need. If there are any dealbreakers/non-negotiables then make sure they’ve been raised and that the business understands your needs.

  • Chasing a business for an update 

  • Things happen. Wires get crossed. If a business hasn’t communicated in a while don’t assume it’s bad news. Messages is perfect for giving businesses a (polite) nudge. 

  • Starting a salary conversation

  • You should already know the business’s initial offer (it’s in the job profile on the Juggle platform). If you have reservations about the offer - or if your price has simply gone up, it happens - Messages is a good way to start the conversation. 

  • We recommend not beating around the bush - be polite, clear and candid. This is a negotiation, and you are in control of your end. Ask for confirmation of their offer and state your needs (aim high). Be confident in your worth.

  • This is also time to get the variable package nailed down. Make sure you’ve discussed bonus/equity/benefits.

What to do if a business fails to respond

If you’re in the early stages of the hiring process and a business has just gone silent, our suggestion is… dump them. 

While we do our best to vet the culture of every business we work with, (very) occasionally you may find people who do not respect your time or interest. We take a very dim view of businesses who mess our professionals around. We will find you another match - you don’t need to let people waste your time.

If a business has gone silent post interview it’s more likely that something is happening internally that’s preventing them getting back to you. This could be something very simple like an HR professional going on holiday. If you’ve used Messages to politely chase and received nothing in return, contact a Juggle Talent Specialist and we will investigate on your behalf. 

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