Hiring a new member of your team could be the most important decision you ever make for the health, success and growth of your business. The right person does more than simply fill a slot; truly excellent employees are transformative. 

And yet... the typically unwieldy and cumbersome process of recruitment is often met with dread. 

Juggle works with hundreds of founders, business leaders and hiring managers, helping them understand who they need to support their company and helping them find the perfect fit for long-term success  - in the most efficient and effective way possible.

The Hiring Canvas is a tool we use to quickly understand business needs so that we can find the perfect match from our pool of professionals. We created it using the Juggle team’s decades of experience working with businesses and professionals throughout the hiring process and observing long-term success in placement.

The Hiring Canvas is a simple framework that businesses can use to make consistently excellent hires. It speeds up the recruitment process and ensuring successful long-term placements. It does this by letting Hiring Managers focus on the vital questions: what problem you need to solve in your business and what skills are most important for integration into your team.

Completing the Hiring Canvas

The Hiring Canvas is designed to stimulate and record critical thinking around your new hire. This may be a quick and simple exercise to complete - you might already know all the answers, even if you’ve never really considered it before - or it may require some deeper thought and discussion.

Although there’s no need to “fill in” the segments we would suggest using the Hiring Canvas as a visual guide as well as a verbal one. Striving for clarity and conciseness will help you determine what is truly important to the role, which will provide insight into the type of person you require as well as they sort of experience they need. Being as rigorous as you can will also be very useful when communicating the role to candidates

You can complete the segments on the canvas in any order you choose; we have suggested one approach using the numbers shown.

The segments on the canvas can be divided into three areas: the ones that relate to your company, the ones that relate to the role, and the ones that relate to the actual hiring process.

Your company

Mission: What is your company goal? What is the business trying to achieve as a whole, either short-term or long-term? Don’t worry if you don’t have a “formal” mission statement, simply write down the big picture of what your business is aiming towards. 

The role you are hiring for

Role problem: Why do you need a new hire? What is the specific problem that you are trying to solve/ what is the gap that you need to fill in your business? 

Role tasks: What do you believe the new hire will need to do to solve this problem or fulfil this need in the business? Think about the key tasks and responsibilities of this role.

Role location: Are these tasks tied to a specific location? Where does the new hire need to to be in order to fulfil these tasks? For some activities it may be important for the professional to be in the office with the rest of the team, whilst other activities may be more suited to independent or remote work.

Professional skills: What skills does the new hire need to fulfil these tasks? These might be hard skills like knowledge of specific software, or softer skills like relationship management or presenting. 

Professional experience: What experience does the new hire need? Specify whether they need experience in specific industries, with specific user types or in a particular size or stage of business. 

The team and environment

Business culture: What are your company values? If you don’t have established values, note down some of the most important qualities and motivators that are present in the existing team.

Professional characteristics: What traits does the new hire need to complement existing company culture? List any personality characteristics that the hiring team will be looking out for.

The interview process

Based on all of the above requirements, how will you assess the candidate’s ability to fulfill the role and support the business? Write down who they will need to speak to and what activities they might need to undertake.

Worked Example

Here is a real-world example of a role that Juggle worked with earlier this year, for a Financial Director at a 50-person business.

Note that the business has elected to constrain themselves to the boxes of the hiring canvas. This has kept their goals and requirements short, clear and manageable. 

The Hiring Canvas helped the entire hiring team get onto the same page about why they needed to hire, who they needed to hire and how they were going to make the big decision at the end of the interview process.

If you think the Hiring Canvas or the Juggle in-house recruitment team could help you understand your hiring needs and sourcing your new team member, please get in touch at hello@juggle.jobs. We’d love to help.

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