OK, here's what happens next:

We send the business your profile - If we both agree to move forward with the role, we will send the business your profile. This profile includes any information you have provided on the platform including your CV and your flex requirements, but does not include personal details or any other sensitive information.

You are invited to interview - If the business likes your profile they will invite you to interview via the Juggle system.

We give you feedback and guidance along the way - We’ll check in with you throughout the interview process, will help you to prepare for interviews or tests and will chase the business for their feedback at each stage. 

We help you negotiate - If both you and the business agree there is a good fit and the potential for you to thrive in the role, then it's time to confirm the contract. You tell us what is important to you and we will help you confirm the details of your flexible working arrangement.

You review and sign your new contract

We stay in touch each month - You will hear from a Flex Liaison once you start your new job to make sure that you're fitting in well in your new placement.

We are always here for your next move - You can always come back to the platform and let us know that you're in the market. 

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