Distinctions between “contractors” and “permanent” members of staff are starting to blur. Increasingly professionals and businesses want to try an arrangement first, even if they have permanent employment in mind. There is also a growing number of people who want to “juggle” and switch between “employed” and “self employed”. 

Juggle candidates are typically looking for flexibility and so we’ve optimised for self employment. That doesn’t mean you can’t employ someone through us - you absolutely can.

If you’ve decided the fit is right from day one on both sides for permanent employment, we charge a flat fee of 18% of the first year salary. This is due on placement (acceptance) and we have in place a 100% rebate clause for the first 30 days of employment if the hire doesn’t work out. 

Why only 30 days?

With 100% rebate, we have “skin in the game” but we also know how important it is on both sides to make fast decisions and put appropriate targets / management structure in place from day one. A 30 day timeline encourages companies to run thorough interview processes and put the right processes in place in order to make the right decision. Disruption to the hire and your wider team can be minimised if decisions are made faster.

Why 18%? You charge 15% for self employed flexible work

Executive search firms charge between 30-33% of the total package. Quality contingent recruiters will charge 20-25% of first year salary. So by traditional measures, we’re charging customers far less to employ a great professional through us.

Our entire business is optimised and focused on enabling professionals to “juggle jobs” - we often place a candidate in two roles at one times and an engagement will last longer than a year. 18% therefore we decided, was a fair fee for all sides. It’s not prohibitive and often below what companies are paying already. 

What about if someone is contracting and then I want to employ them permanently?

We do still charge a fee but on a sliding scale:

0-6 months: 18%

6-12 months: 10%

12-18 months: 5%

18 months thereafter: 0%

If you have any questions or would like a more detailed consultation, please contact us on 02034 884627, live chat, hello@juggle.jobs

The Juggle Team

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