Once you post a job with Juggle, you will see a list of matched candidates. These are professionals who have been through our onboarding process and assessed for quality (human screen). They are then skills matched for your role through AI.

You will see initials and the candidate name will be redacted from their CV. 

We do this for two reasons:

  1. It helps to eliminate hiring bias

  2. It helps with confidential job seeking

Hiring bias

Although this is often unconscious, we all have preconceptions which associate gender and race with character traits which consequently impacts our ability to objectively assess someone’s suitability to do a job.

At Juggle, our mission is rooted in gender equality - we want a business environment with equal male / female business leaders. Anonymising profiles encourages companies to make decisions around whether they want to interview someone or not on merit alone.

Ditto for someone’s last name. You will notice that once the candidate has “opted in” and moved to your shortlist tab, the platform displays a candidate first name plus last initial. That is because last names are cultural reference points and consequently play into bias.

This isn’t assuming that we’re all racist and sexist. It’s about making it easier for us to make better choices.


Professionals are often seeking jobs on a confidential basis. We display their initials and redact names from their CV’s to enable them to be actively matched for jobs, but only be recognised once they “opt in”. It’s a courtesy that is managed in the offline world and one we were keen to emulate in the digital world.

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