Juggle is completely free until you have made a successful hire. 

Self employed workers

Employed workers

  • If you want to employ someone as a salaried employee straight away, we charge a 15% fee of their first year salary.

  • The invoice is sent once the candidate verbally accepts and payment terms are 14 days

  • You have 30 days from the candidates start date to make a decision as to whether this is the right hire or not. We will give you 100% of the fee back if it doesn't work out

Rebate terms - why?

Recruiters operate on a sliding scale - often over 3 months. This devolves responsibility and drives the wrong behaviours. By changing to a 100% 30 day rebate:

  • We have skin in the game - we want this hire to work out and it means something if they don't

  • Companies are more thorough and thoughtful about who they are hiring

  • Companies put together a proper structure, particularly for that first month about what good looks like

  • It ensures decisions are made early, to avoid disruption on either side

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