With the Juggle platform, you will be able to employ experienced, high-quality, staff fast. Signup, find and interview the best person for your role, then employ and pay them in just a few clicks.

To start, simply register a new Business account for free, then you will be able to log in to the platform.

Once you log in, follow the onboarding sections to verify your account and complete your business profile.

You will then be able to Create Job, click the the icon button to start.

On the Create Job page, follow the questions and fill out the details of the job. Remember you can click Help on the top navigation bar to reach out if you have any questions during the process.

Once you have created a job, you will be taken to the Job overview tab (or straight to the Longlist tab if you have posted a financial role). On the Job overview tab, you will be able to see the job details, write private notes or make actions such as invite your team to collaborate, put the job on hold or close the job.

We will send some AI matched roles to you straight away - you can find these in the Longlist tab

In this tab you will be able to Invite them to shortlist, or Reject them.

Click on the candidate card to view their profile.

You might notice that we only show the candidates initials, click here to find out more why we do this.

Invited candidates will receive a notification about this job opportunity and make relevant actions. If they register their interest in this opportunity, you will find them in the Shortlist tab.

Next, you can schedule the interview by clicking Invite to interview.

To help move things along efficiently, we recommend selecting 3 or more time slots to provide flexibility to candidates. They will be more likely to accept the interview request.

After sending the interview request, you can manage them in the Interviews tab. You will be able to schedule a follow up interview from here once the initial interview is complete. If you are happy to move forward with this candidate, you can click Hire to draft an offer to send.

If you have any questions, you can message the candidate directly by clicking the Message button. You can find and manage all these conversations in the Inbox tab on the top navigation bar

You will be able to define all the offer details in the Draft an offer page. Just follow the instructions to draft the offer, sign the contract, set up payment if it's your first time sending the offer and then it's done! You can find out more about how payment works here.

Remember if you still have something to clarify with the candidate, you can use the Message feature.

After the candidate accepts the offer and signed the contract, you will be able to manage the payment from the Manage tab on the top navigation bar.

That's how the Juggle platform works! Remember if you have any question any time, feel free to reach out to us by clicking the Help in the top navigation bar or just drop us a line at help@juggle.jobs 

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