"AI" is talked about a lot and particularly when it comes to hiring platforms. 

At Juggle we have spent a lot of R&D time on this topic and currently use it to match finance & accountancy candidates with finance & accountancy jobs. We are matching on two factors:

  1. How well suited is this person for this job - do they have the required skills to do the role?

  2. How well suited is this job for this person - is this the right company/opportunity for this person to take on in the their next role? 

There are multiple factors which feed into both of these questions and we continue to monitor, evaluate and tweak these components. In time we will leverage AI much more across Juggle but for now we want to make sure we've got the basics right and we're considering all of the risks too (such as bias). 

If you would like to understand this process further, please get in touch on hello@juggle.jobs 

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