Writing this in March 2020 and since 2017, we have received over 30,000 professional applications and yet only 7,000 have made it to "approved" status - we're picky about who joins the platform.

Although we are a software platform, we have an in house team of experienced, highly trained Talent Specialists who vet every single person. The factors that go into that decision making are as follows:

  • Communication: are their written and verbal skills good?

  • Manner: are they courteous and pleasant to deal with?

  • Accurate: does it all add up? Or are the little white lies actually one big lie. 

  • Tech savvy: glitches our end withstanding, are they comfortable navigating a platform? Technology plays such a vital role in modern work and particularly flex work 

  • Right to work: currently we're a UK company and most of our customers need/want people with UK market experience when they're hiring experienced staff

Once you have posted a job with us, we'll tailor your matches based on the requirement and your company culture. But for now, rest assured that the professionals on the Juggle platform are up to scratch :) 

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