Our mission is rooted in gender diversity - we want to see women represented 50:50 in business leadership. 

We believe that challenging how we work plays a vital role in making this shift. If professionals (male and female) can work more on their terms, it allows for choice. Choice to work whilst having children, not an either / or. It also allows for more equality at home; men taking an active role too. That's why Juggle is all about making flexible working really work for the many and not the few. 

Gender diversity is pretty important to us. Here are three ways in which we are addressing this (beyond building the world's best flexible working platform for professionals!)

Measure success

We have a mission metric: 50-70% female placements. If we're ducking under that, we're not true to our mission. If we're above, it means we're not placing enough men which just reinforces stereotypes that men can't work flexibly. 

Anonymising profiles

Currently businesses can only see someone's initials until the point of interview. It means they're making decisions on merit alone and removes a strand of bias. Regardless of intentions, we've found that removing this really helps with tackling gender diversity.

Screening businesses

We carefully vet and assess professionals who come onto the platform and the same is true of businesses. Are they flexible or at least on that journey? Do they believe gender equality is important or just paying lip service given the current media climate we're living in? We made a promise to our professionals to only work with the right businesses - our view is that those who have a more progressive view on flexible working and gender diversity will be the companies that thrive in the future anyway :)

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