The Juggle recruitment platform is completely free to use. You can post jobs, access great candidate matches and use our scheduling, messaging and feedback tools to take you through the hiring process. Once you've decided to make an offer, you'll reach this screen:

The details in this offer form part of the terms for both parties to work under. Once this has been done, you'll reach the contract signing section.

This formalises the agreement. Now you will be shown a summary of how much everything will cost on a monthly basis. 

Here you will notice a £250 completion fee which is debited as soon as the candidate accepts the offer. If the candidate withdraws after accepting the offer, you get the money back. If you withdraw, the fee will not be refunded. 

If you have't already, we will then ask you to set up a direct debit. Nothing will be charged just yet. 

We take the first month's payment on the candidate's start date and pay them one month after this point. 

We automate our payments to the candidate based on the agreement you have made but you are able to stop/change this.

You can access invoices at all times for your records here.

By assuming the agreement we have is accurate and taking one month up front, we ensure a) the candidate is paid on time and b) there is no admin overhead for you. Of course we are on hand if you need anything from us - 

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