Payment Details

Congratulations on receiving your offer! Firstly, do you have your payment details all set up? If not, then head to “Payment Details” from user profile menu and set that up:


Now you can review your offer and if happy, sign your contract. If you would like to use a limited company instead you can do that - just email us with those details and we will amend the contract for you afterwards.

Submit Timesheets

Now you’re ready to start your assignment! At the end of the month and by the 2nd of the following calendar month at the latest, you submit your timesheets. We’ve automated this for you to reflect the offer:

Payment Dates

If your time is within the agreed contracted amount, we’ll pay you automatically by the 7th of that calendar month (5 days later).


If you need to add hours or days over your contracted number, Juggle will still pay you the contracted amount by the 7th but the platform will request authorisation from the business for the additional work.

What happens if the business queries a payment?

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