Here at Juggle HQ, we place great importance on making sure job descriptions are compelling in order to attract top talent for our business customers.

With over 20+ years exec level recruitment between us in the team, we have a fair idea of what works and what doesn’t, and want to share a few top tips for businesses in this article.

What should I include in the job description?

Job descriptions need to be concise, to the point but eye-catching, demonstrating what differentiates your company from others.

We recommend a brief introduction to include:

  • Role title

  • Type of organisation

  • Head count

  • Who the role reports into

  • Main responsibility of the role

  • What is exciting about this particular opportunity (eg. going through a growth phase, securing next round of funding etc)

The body of the advert can be written in bullets, divided between:

  • Responsibilities

  • Experience

  • Perks

For both the responsibilities and experience sections, we recommend 3-4 key bullets for each. This will ensure the main areas are covered, whilst also being punchy enough to grab the attention of the professional and not rule out people who feel they don’t match every single point. This is particularly important if you’re keen to increase the number of women in your business, as behaviourally women will often rule themselves out if they don’t hit the majority of the points on your job specification.

What salary should I put for this role?

Roles are dependent on company size, for example a smaller start up may not have the budget to pay as much as a scale up or larger company with more funding/profit.

We can guide you on the roles we cover and you can take a look at our calculator here too:

Finance Director

Head of Finance

Financial Controller

Management Accountant


Marketing Director

Head of Growth

Digital Marketing Manager

Content Manager

Head of People

Head of Talent

Talent Acquisition Manager

HR Manager


Alternatively, speak to one of our Talent Managers here at Juggle who will be happy to talk through your requirements and give salary recommendations for your particular role. Drop us a note at

What should I put for ‘what else should we look for to find a great person for this role?’

It’s a good idea to have a think about your current culture and the types of soft skills or personality traits this person will need to have in order to thrive in your company.


Are you trying to build an empathetic environment where employee engagement is high and retention is low? If so, you need someone

  • Empathetic

  • Human

  • Strong communication skills

Do you value professionals who can work at a very fast pace in an agile environment? If so, you need someone

  • Highly autonomous

  • Able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously

Once you’ve followed these pointers you will have provided all the essential information, along with the stand out reasons a professional would want to come on board.

You’ll be well on the way to creating an inspiring, informative job description capable of attracting top talent. If in doubt, our Talent Managers here at Juggle are always on hand to lend their expertise.

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